Michael Horton wrote a book called Christless Christianity.  His opening paragraphs are quite interesting.

What would things look like if Satan really took control of a city?  Over a half century ago, Presbyterian minister Donald Grey Barnhouse offered his own scenario in his weekly sermon…If Satan took over Philadelphia, all of the bars would be closed, pornography banished, and pristine streets would be filled with tidy pedestrians who smiled at each other.  There would be no swearing.  The children would say, “Yes, sir” and “No, ma’am,” and the churches would be full every Sunday…where Christ is not preached.

It is easy to become distracted from Christ as the only hope for sinners…If we are good people who have lost our way but with the proper instructions and motivation can become a better person, we need only a life coach, not a Redeemer.

Barnhouse is not throwing everyone under the bus, but I have found this to be a good set of “testing paragraphs” to see if I am aligning with this in any way.  It is not that being polite is sinful or that it would be bad for porn to be eradicated.  The problem is that when these become the ultimate end to life we just look “more acceptable” to the world on our way to hell.

I pray Christ would be so captivating in our lives that He is the reason we abstain from certain things and also participate in others.  I pray we would have pure motives that would show “sacrifice” is never the point, but He is.

Are you distracted today?

Love Truth