Ask, Seek, and Knock

To be a disciple is not only to follow, but the type of following is to be a learner. Therefore, Jesus is outlining that true disciples will always ask, seek, and knock.

This disposition of a disciple does not end this side of The New Earth either. As His disciples, we will perpetually ask, seek, and knock for eternity. The difference on The New Earth is that we simply will not have any more tears, suffering, fears, or sin as we carry this out.

After all, perfection for an image bearer is not to have the totality of knowledge. Instead, perfection for us is to live in perfect relationship with God, self, and others, all the while continually creating, cultivating, and communicating this love for eternity.

So, I hope that today you would be encouraged by the eternal curiosity of what it means to ask, seek, and knock. In view of this call to be a disciple may the idea that He loves to give good things to His children be a constant reminder of His nearness.


You are loved.