Jesus looks at us when we get crippled by anxiety at times and does not only say “do not be anxious,” but He prescribes a way forward that transforms the way we see the entire world.

First, He tells us to look up. Look at the birds, literally. Dad is the one who feeds them. This isn’t by chance.

Next, He tells us to look down at the flowers and grass. They do not grow because they are stressed out. They grow because He provides.

Third, we look inward at our own personal provision. Dad knows we need to eat, drink, and be clothed.

Yet, most of us today are not inherently stressed over these. It is the betrayal of friends, the stress of work, the hurt of a family member, or sometimes it is an unnamed feeling of desperation that seems like a weight of a truck on our shoulders.


In the face of all this, Jesus has the same word for us, “Seek the Kingdom”.


When we have eyes for the kingdom we see all of life is understanding a loving Father not only cares for us, but that it is “His good pleasure to give us The Kingdom.” When we look up, down, and inward with eyes of His provision we can live fully in today.

Living fully alive today may see the sacredness of the mundane in a new way today or it may have us breathe courage into someone or may simply recognize His presence in the middle of a storm or may lead to celebrating something we have been overlooking. Yet, the common denominator, when we have eyes for His pleasure of providing is that we cease striving and know He is truly God.