One of my friends from high school had an incredibly difficult situation two days ago. Her sister’s apartment was robbed!

Here is the terrible thing about it all. The robbers not only stole almost all of their stuff, but also stole ALL of the kids Christmas presents! The kicker was they even stole the kids clothes, shoes, AND DIAPERS! Seriously?! Diapers?!

So, we are trying to get people to help support this family by donating money so the kids can get new Christmas presents.

Here is the breakdown…

My friends sister also has a roommate who has two children. Therefore, there are two single moms and 4 children. The two boys are age 5 & 6. The girls are age 7 & 18 months.

We have a great partner, North Church, who is taking the lead on helping to buy gifts etc. for these two families.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider donating even $10. It is tax deductible. If you are willing, please write a check to

North Church
1620 Florissant Park
Florissant, MO. 63031

Also, if you can shoot me an email ( to let me know how much you donated, that would be great.

In this entire process they also had their rent money for January stolen out the apartment. So, we want to help raise money towards this in the next 24-48 hours.

Please help us get the word out!

Together, let’s help to encourage these two hurting families.

Love Truth