The idea of The Kingdom is not as much trying to gain something, it is becoming aware of what already is.

Jesus says that if we actually do trust The Father not only provides for us but abundantly provides, then we will understand that attempting to gain what we already have (abundance) is not only counter to “what actually is” but it is also a blind pursuit (v. 22-23). Therefore, I hope today that you would see the issue of either serving God or money is one of asking where the essence of true abundance is.

If we see life as trying to gain something then our answer will be that we believe our abundance is in our own manufacturing. If we see our abundance is learning to rest in His provision then we will have the eyes of grace and the life of “it is more blessed to give than receive”.


If we believe we manufacture our own abundance scarcity will always plague our motives


We “stockpile” because we do not trust His continual provision. Yet, when we see He has already provided for us abundantly, then whether we have much money or little, we are not generous in order “to pay back what He has given.”


With eyes of heavenly abundance, generosity is simply expressing reality.


To have your body “full of light” (v. 22) happens when you live a radically generous life as an expression of understanding He will never leave or forsake you. May this be the perpetual anthem of your life.