If we spend more time talking about Hell than the Kingdom, the New Earth, and relationship with the Trinity, then we are trying to warn people about a place that is meant for those who didn’t enjoy the depths of God, while not giving any reason to avoid this eternal separation.

Notice, I did not say we shouldn’t talk about Hell. It is a matter of the content in our discussions and the emphasis in our thinking. Only sending out perpetual warnings without giving a reason for the abundant life we have been called into (Jn. 10:10) is like telling someone to make their entire life goal to focus on what not to do. This is maddening. If our ultimate joy comes from enjoying God and not just avoiding sin (after all, only focusing on not avoiding sin becomes a grotesquely self-centered pursuit) we must learn why this relationship is so great! The call to enjoy Him needs to take a much more prevalent view in our life.

Therefore, the view of mainly talking about adverse judgment without talking about positive judgment will only produce a lifestyle of avoiding Hell, while not engaging the riches of the Kingdom! The weight of our conversations and meditations must change!

In this process we will know the power of the Kingdom much more than we ever thought, while also being burdened with the reality of an eternity separated from God.

Love Truth